Face Makeup to Eliminate Spots and Blemishes

How to make a face makeup to eliminate spots and blemishes. The advice, tips and products to be used to cover any lack of face and show a clean, healthy and radiant complexion.

Blemishes and scars: here’s tiny blemishes that usually tend to create uneasiness and insecurities, even though in most cases they are really noticeable. But if you also dream of a perfect face makeup, blemishes and imperfections, then you should not miss all our tips on selecting products and how to apply them to make perfect your complexion.

Mattifying primer

Use it is crucial: or, however, you can replace face makeup materials with a cream anti-imperfection. In General, this product helps us to control excess sebum and tends to give skin a decidedly more polished. In reality, however, if you have the bad skin or dermatological problems is the case to use it only on special occasions, because unfortunately this type of product tends to obstruct the pores, so when choosing what to buy remember to give priority to all cosmetic products with good inci.


When we speak of concealer all tend to think of what to cover dark circles, neglecting that this product is a great ally against the imperfections. For example, if you want to cover the redness, you will need to choose a concealer greenish, bluish or dark stains the product must have a more orange color. Obviously will be applied before the Foundation.


To cover any blemish concealer is just what it takes; in that case you should choose a liquid that has a good coverage, trying to spread it evenly to cover minor imperfections but using a small amount of product in order to avoid the mask effect. The skin will look clean, bright and natural. The liquid Foundation should be applied by tapping the product on your face with a damp sponge.

Face powder

The makeup should always be secured with a blush: in that case we advise you to use the transparent, which is much easier to apply. If you used the concealer to cover pimples, blemishes and imperfections, do not spread the powder over your face: better pass it only where it is essential.