Facebook Acquires The Selfie Masks App MSQRD

Facebook Acquires MSQRD – after the company has already acquired WhatsApp, it continues on shopping tour: the startup masquerade technologies, which is responsible for the viral app MSQRD has migrated into the shopping basket. The popular app, which is currently available for iOS and Android can put on masks or other slanted accessories Selfies.

In a blog post the MSQRD CEO Eugene Nevgen proclaims itself the message, by there writes: “the communication via video is exploding. In masquerade, we have worked hard to encourage fun to create videos by we have developed filters that alter your appearance. Now we are very curious to see if we can unite our forces with those of Facebook and reach more people than ever before.”

MSQRD Should Remain A Standalone App

Further, Nevgen explained that it was the next goal now, to bring the MSQRD technology the 1.6 billion Facebook users. To do this, you want to work together with Facebook. The CEO did not give specific plans regarding this project however still. How much ultimately paid Facebook for the enterprise, is not apparent even from the blog entry.

Although Facebook is now the owner of masquerade technologies, the MSQRD app to but remain independent according to Eugene Nevgen. Nevgen also promises that the app will soon be enriched by a few new features. Which it will be concrete, still remains open.

Facebook Acquires The Selfie Masks App MSQRD