Facebook and Advertisers Will Own Your Smartphone

Comment: With Facebook Home must be prepared on the Android users, putting their lives in the hands of the multinational company. How much will you give?

Since the launch of Facebook in december 2004, is using the number increased as fast as the attitude to our privacy is exceeded.

Eight years ago, who could imagine that people all over the world, often without forethought, shared their innermost thoughts with the public, flanked by images of people in precarious situations added accurate data about where in the world you have been?

Put then on top of that, the huge amount of information about our whereabouts that trackes and stored on central servers, presumably without ever being deleted-so deleted such a right, and not just disappeared from the part of Facebook which you even have access to.

Facebook has repeatedly taken a little slice of our privacy-and now it happens again. Probably without many of the well 1 billion users really noticing.