Facebook Decorate Even on Your Images

You don’t even sit with filters and tinkering with your photos to Facebook-it copes with Facebook for you

You have probably not always a tripod with you to hold the phone perfectly still, and the same can probably be said about light panels to the right lighting. Therefore, the images become slightly below the standard, you really would like to have, but it is there for advice on Facebook, who themselves want to fix up a bit on that sort of thing.

In the future, Facebook for automatically beautify images, so they will be a little nicer, and you thereby looks a bit more pro. 

Starting at iOS will be able to adjust with a single slider, how much Facebook to embellish on the image. On the way you will also be able to beat the entire Facebooks help from-and Android follows suit shortly.

Google+ has quite some time had a similar function, but on Facebook has this process been somewhat more difficult.

Facebook are the owners of Instragram, then it put a filter over images is not something entirely new to the company behind the popular social network.