Facebook Home Is Official-Read What It Is

Facebook Home has just been presented – but it is not a mobile but a user experience. Read here what Facebook Home is.

The rumors have been many, but now it’s official.Facebook Home is a reality. But neither a smartphone or an operating system.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, called during the presentation Facebook Home for “soul” on your smartphone.

Phones are today centered around applications, but with Facebook Home will be the instead of centering on people.

Facebook Home is in principle a replacement of the normal home-screen interface that is on the smart phone. Instead, users see a feed from Facebook with information from friends.

There is, of course, access to the phone’s usual applications, but Facebook is also when coming through notifications. These appear as some small “map” on your phone.

Facebook Home is ready for download in Google Play Big from the 12. April. However, only on select smartphones, which includes the phones Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S, HTC, HTC One One 4 X + and Galaxy Note II. Later follows several units.

HTC has together with the operator AT & T in the United States clear with HTC First, which is the first mobile phone that comes with the new Facebook experience, out of the sales box.

A tablet version of the Facebook Home is not yet ready, but is expected to come a few months after the launch of the smartphone Edition.