Facebook Will Charge for Messages in the Future

So far Facebook has been free to use when sending messages, but now it begins to cost money.

Facebook has been free to use up to now, but in the United Kingdom beginning users now having to pay if they want to send messages – in the first instance at least, if they don’t know the people. There is also a difference between whether it is “ordinary” people or famous people.

It is more expensive to send a message to the known, than it is to send a message to the old school-friends, as you have just found on Facebook. The price of messages shall be determined according to how many “friends” he has. It writes our site.

A message via the social network could cost upwards of 100 dollars to send small.

The method is also already tested in the United States, where they have been trying this since the end of December, and it is supposedly to keep inboxes free of spam. It writes our site.

Many also believe that this is only the beginning of a long series of fees, as Facebook users will impose in the future – like, for example, also pays for that are all the same “friends” see status updates, etc.

A spokesman from Facebook has stated that the method is tested in the United States and the United Kingdom with a view to spreading it to more countries later on, but the prices are not yet set.