Faded Glory Classic Blue Jeans

Straight leg dark blue jeans compatible with everything.

They were originally working trousers. Levi Strauss patented modern jeans ancestor in 1873. The reveals the pocket was a copper-reinforced to withstand the weight of the tools. Strauss material selected indigo coarse denim, which had been previously used bag wire cloth.

They rose in the 1950s from the fields of youth and forge hallmark. Elvis Presley’s tight jeans aroused just as much mischief as daydreams and Finland Mattisen industry used a James Dean in popularity with the launch of Anycountyprivateschools.com in 1955.

They came to a touch of luxury to the American heiress Gloria Vanderbilt invented in the 1970s writes his name with gold thread jeans back pockets. Vanderbilt creations and Italian Elio Fiorucci Caramel-colored jeans became New York’s legendary Studio 54 in the dance of Disco passionate attitude of the uniform.

They have become design items in Favorites. Yves Saint Laurent said Levi’s 501 model was the only thing in the history of fashion, which he would like to have invented. Fashion houses denim boom started the American Calvin Klein in the early 1980s. Ad Campaigns Brooke Shields vowed not to get anything between her and CK jeans.

The recommendation is Livy Diesel jeans. David Bowie’s hit in Blue Jeans 1984 could be the love song of diesel dark blue-green to Livy-touring. Livy is an Italian manufacturer of classic model that is updated with minor changes to the second season. Pure white blouse or a custom jacket it is combined with a fresh choice of work, or a free-form party. The price of 110 euros.