Famous Photos Without Makeup

We women want to be always impeccable, taking care of skin, hair, health, and all aspects that contribute to our appearance. And one of the things that we like, no doubt is about makeup. After all, it is crucial to transform our visual, since in addition to disguise imperfections also empowers the beauty of every woman.

In the mainstream media we can see various celebritiesthat always appear flawless in photos or videos. However, nobody is perfect, so that most women wear makeup every day, either to hide minor imperfections or just to enhance their excellent traits.

The famous also have their days of face washing and many have already been spotted without makeup! The reality is that being a celebrity is not always a bed of roses. After all, different from the “normal” women, when they come out of the House without make-up can be photographed at any time. Here are several pictures of famous without makeup in moments of zero glamour.

Famous Without Makeup

Heidi Klum

The 41-year-old presenter is a beautiful woman! Even without makeup we can see that she is beautiful, but make let her stunning!

Makeup Tips Reference: http://www.itypemba.com/2016/04/infallible-makeup-tricks/

Sofia Vergara

The star of the series “Modern Family” which is considered one of the world’s most beautiful women, is practically unrecognizable without makeup. However, for a 41-year-old woman she’s got it all, even his wits.

Demi Lovato

The singer Demi Lovato decided to show their fans that is beautiful even when you wake up. She recorded a time of clean face when he was still in Brazil.

Blake Livery

The beautiful actress decided to leave the house without makeup and ended up being caught. She appeared quite different from her usual glamorous visual parade on the red carpet.

Kate Hudson

Actress Kate Hudson has also been voted one of the most beautiful women in the world. Today with 35 years, she still displays its beauty wherever he goes, but has appeared without make-up in a moment of zero glamour.

Cameron Diaz

The actress Cameron Diaz always drew attention for its beauty. She has appeared quite different without make-up and joined the list of famous without makeup.

Mila Kunis

The actress Mila Kunis is also considered one of the most beautiful famous. But without makeup she doesn’t look so beautiful. The makeup combines very well with her!

Jennifer Lopez

The actress and singer Jennifer Lopez that enchants everyone with her beauty and talent, also showed that it is “normal” without makeup. In addition, with your face clean photo, can we be sure that makeup can transform any woman into a diva!

Adriana, Lima

Some women are born beautiful and always beautiful. The brazilian model who is known to participate in the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, showed in a campaign that is beautiful even without makeup!

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