Fashion Accessory Trends 2016

Fashion accessories: The turnover (additional) range

Knowing what’s coming: what accessories are among the absolute must-haves in the autumn and winter, some 350 exhibitors show at the upcoming Tendence in Frankfurt am Main. From 29 August to 1 September buyers here will find a wide range of essential extras such as exclusive shawls or cloths, trendy handbags or hip belt. “Buyers will find everything is hot and trendy in the upcoming season of fashion accessories and jewelry, here with us at the Tendence. There are products also ideal as a supplement for other core ranges, so Yvonne Engelmann, Director giving the Tendence. “Fashion accessories are limited as a supplementary product, the range has long ceased to the fashion and lifestyle trade. Now, it is completely normal to buy bags, scarves and sunglasses, in the museum shop or in the shop for ceramic, glass and porcelain in the furniture trade, concept stores, and jewelry shops, “as Edwards continues.

One thing is in particular important for buyers: be mentally always a season ahead, because now in the summer, what lies in the winter in the shops is ordered. A look at the accessory collections showing next season: In autumn and winter the opposites rule! Feminine meet and partly bright sixties and seventies styles on gloomy gothic look.

In contrast to the summer the new fashion accessory collections give preference to the warmer, but also darker tones in the cold season. Black, the fashionable color of next season – is clearly as soloist or with white combined. Then rank grey and shades of mud. About azure blue, bright, but also warm red tones – from tomato-marsala – or even mustard yellow are used as contrast colors.

The adhesive tattoo is a newcomer among the accessories. It has become the highlight of any children’s party now, the socially acceptable and Ed fingers, wrists and necklines as so-called flash tattoo. The golden or silver sticker jewelry pieces are modeled and ensure even on solemn occasions a shiny appearance.

But also at the real and costume jewelry, there’s news: in autumn and winter it is constrict. Round pendant with fine patterns – like oversized – with long, delicate chains or large hoop earrings are indispensable in the coming season as earrings. In addition, striking ethnic chains with materials and color mix – due to the trendy boho style –are a topic.

The new pocket designs – show color but in very different ways: simple models in classic black or brown now decorate seams, zippers, or small applications in contrasting colors such as bright tomato red, pink or Teal. Also the classic leather bag in slight color gives a sporty touch. Because: too clearly a topic of the new accessory fashion – especially in the urban styling elegant is mixed with sporty.

On the issue of contrasting colors, scarves and shawls are the bags in the nothing after. Here, especially black and white Komi Nations dominate with a colored accent. This animal prints in warm wool quality as well as graphical pattern in the sixties look through the winter.

The new accessory trends for autumn and winter-1The new accessory trends for autumn and winter-2

As already mentioned – in the coming season the opposite rule: feminine, masculine. Because: The bow tie is back! Not only in men’s fashion. The genuine trendsetter wears a classic suit with tie or bow tie in the autumn. It may be less traditionally knitted, crocheted in the material – or wood, according to taste. The feminine look, reaches to the waist belt,  which has his big appearance in the cold season. Wide, even narrow – the belts are worn over jackets, blazer or also oversize shirts and sweaters.