Fashion Kids Sweatpants

High fashion is just for adults? Fashion kids: kid’s first collection was created by Karl Lagerfeld dedicated entirely to children with trendy garments that nod to the collections designed for adults. Let’s find this line of kids clothes by Karl Lagerfeld who will arrive for spring summer 2016 and called Karl’s Kids.

Semi private launched in Paris within the brand’s headquarters and in the presence of journalists and bloggers, the line of fitness sweatpants by Karl Lagerfeld promises great things for the upcoming warm season: casual and trendy clothes for boys and girls with a touch of glam rock but also childish, thanks to the presence of cat Choupette, so dear to the stylist. The collection kidswear signed Lagerfeld will be available in spring 2016 and includes infants, children and adolescents, from zero to 16 years.

Needless to say, the collection Karl’s Kids will absolutely rock ‘n’ roll style, Lagerfeld and will be divided into three different lines. A “Rock Chic” to look from true rockstar in mini format, a more carefree and colorful, called “Kolor”, suitable for such a sporty-casual and, ultimately, a very original and thoughtful leaders summer summer, fresh and light inspired by the cat Choupette.

In Karl Lagerfeld Kids out there, so cut biker leather jackets, neckties for men and women, leather gloves, white shirts and black & white mini blazer in the timeless, but also offered shirts with prints, sweatshirts and sweatpants, ready-to-wear dresses and accessories.

The Kids collection Karl Lagerfeld is in partnership with CWF, Children Worlwide Fashion, Europe’s leading manufacturer of high end fashion that has already followed some children’s collections of major fashion brands such as BOSS, Burberry, Chloe, DKNY, Little Marc Jacobs and Timberland. The CWF has given confidence to the histrionic fashion designer of German descent, stating in a press release its commitment to “allow Karl Lagerfeld and sharing his ironic, playful and creative vision for young people“.

It seems that the face of Karl’s Kids line is the baby model Hudson Kroenig, face already known to the fashion world because, although very young, she marched to the maison Chanel on several occasions and has often been photographed with Lagerfeld and supermodel Cara Delevingne in fashion events.

The curiosity is so great and the photos in the collection are still few, but we wanted to give you some anticipation in the gallery to discover the new collection for children of Karl Lagerfeld that his mind only and visionary thought ad hoc for tiny rockers. For the most curious, the collection should be available in exclusive preview on the platform of children’s clothing by December 2015. Stay tuned!