Fashion Ponchos

You don’t look spectacular in the cold season, you can see perfect with the proper garment. Here we bring you the 10 best ponchos that you look very fashionista and protect you in the best way.


Bohemian ponchos may be the most used and those who never go out of fashion. They have different figures of warm like coffee and red colors. You can combine them with your boots favorite and a denim trousers. You’ll be amazing!

With fringes

There are all colors and they can make your look more casual, adding to your style a little more. If you would like to add a bonus to your outfit, the fringes are for you.


Woven poncho are of the most commonly used, the warmth and the variety of forms that can be taken. You can find fabrics at RecipesintheBox with different figures. Use it to complete your outfit.

With neck

If what you want is to be fully protected from the cold, turtle necks are for you. In addition to give a touch of elegance do not have to carry any other garment, with this poncho will be fully protected.

With finishes

There are some decorations that will help highlight your look. As in the case of flowers embroidered on the poncho, an excellent choice for a party or a formal event. It complements your outfit with accessories.


They are best if yours is to cover you from head to toe, the hoods can have details that make them unique. Use it and never want to leave it!

With lines

Totally true: the lines make you look slimmer in the case of the ponchos. Take them into account if you want to use this pledge, since they will help you to protect yourself from the cold and look very pretty.


The colors basic, such as black, Brown and white, never become fashionable and less when it comes to dress formal. You can use them with details as buckles or buttons.

With geometric finish

Yes, as well as as the lines, you can use them with finished paintings, rhombuses, etc. You can find and use various combinations with them. They will also give you a unique style to your look.


No doubt the garment this season star is patterned poncho that will help highlight your personality. You can find a variety, also combined them with new trends in shoes.

There are ponchos for every occasion, choose which most like it and makes you feel splendid. This autumn/winter come with all the charm, don’t let them escape.