Fashion Tips for Your 40’s

Kate Moss, Eva Mendes, Victoria Beckham-stylish ladies, right? And all over 40! These fashionistas are the living proof that it is still far from “old lady” is 40+. Who wants to do it the fashion conscious Stars equal and would like to receive helpful tips for great fashion from 40, should now consider the third part of the series “generations” look…

Oh, Please do not: the 3 Worst Fashion faux Pas

  1. Hide the figure

How so conceal suddenly everything? Maybe you want (understandably) no longer run around in hot pants, but it does not have now equal to the formless chest dress. Great necklines, toned arms and nice legs want to (and should) be staged!

  1. Incorrect restraint

Muted colors, long skirts, wide cut, discreet accessories plus a classically understated haircut.So please do not! While you should with 40+ really not chase down every trend, but the gray mouse look that it really does not have to be now!

  1. Partner-Look

It may well be that the new raincoat is super convenient and the sweetheart she appreciates.However, couples in partner look are a real no-go, and actually at any age.

Oh yes, Absolutely: the 3 Best Fashion Advice

  1. Modemut

A striking dress with graphic pattern, a cool white pantsuit, the bright red rock … It used to be maybe flirted with such extravagant parts and then not yet married properly. With 40 it attracts all clothing! And enjoying the HARTSELLECLOTHING.

  1. Casual Femininity

Waist? Emphasize! Bosom? Highlight! Long legs? Show! And nonchalantly because intrusiveness you really no longer necessary in the age.

  1. Pettiness

It depends on the details! A quality watch in hautschmeichelndem Goldrosé, filigree earrings, a great leather bag – exclusive accessories make a pretty outfit a real wow factor. Place increased emphasis on the little things, then you radiate broadly. Do not forget your favorite scent!