Fashion Tips Leather Pants

Elle McPherson Victoria Beckham, all have adopted the leather pants, Isabel Marant trend podium. But before you give in to temptation, Dr. mode gives you advice … to avoid the failures!

After the wave of success of the 80s, the trousers of leather has had a long journey through the desert… until there two years ago, where designers and fashionistas especially, have given it life. Often regarded as tort–a vulgar or synonymously with SM, the pants in leather has been well hung in its place in wardrobes. Of rebellious character, the leather can also let and be docile.

A victim of its image?
When one door of the leather it is mostly a jacket, a bag or a pair of shoes, but rarely a pants , why? Simply because the pants of leather often suffers from the image of a tough leather (and other biker rocker that are appropriate) and its eternal sexual connotation that sticks to the skin undeniably. Only it was not counting the envy of some designers to give it another image, more glamorous. Now everyone can grant it and adapt it to his style. Because this is where the strength of the trousers of leather , it fits you the style you want to give it. A bit romantic with a chiffon top or 100% rock with a studded leather jacket, this piece is to your image.

Maternity style
Dark and stylish must qualify the maternity style with trousers of leather. We stay in the eternal combination black & white, a white shirt and trousers of leather black with pumps (black). It’s so simple style that no error is possible, and above all is very chic. Right or slim, simple and sexy, no matter, you be the pregnancy women. Read for more maternity fashion tips.

Rock Style
Bet on accessories thoroughly without fear of overdoing it, or at least for those who are not afraid to take. Jacket nails so Rock Scene or oversize fashion Balmain shoulder, torn shirt or plaid bandana, black boots or cowboy boots to go through with the trend, you are free to assay the accessories to go more or less away in style. The trousers of leather color, especially red is a must for a rockabilly look.

Romantic Style
Match powdery colors in leather and fluid materials. In terms of color, you can let go of you, black goes with everything, of course-if you wear a leather black. A bargain so to powder pink, off-white, green and purple sweet almond.