Fashion Tips on Wearing Stockings

As the legging is currently one of the mandatory items for a woman to be in her wardrobe, it means it is trendy. This garment is indeed easy to combine with other clothes. It can adapt to any style of clothing, as the textures and colors you like associate. Balance is the key to master for wear leggings by associating it with any top, it is wide, short and wispy.

The manual for putting leggings fantasies

If you have already had the opportunity to discover the basic leggings, treggings, we can also now enjoy Leggings fantasies. This model can be an excellent choice if you have trouble choosing what to put out, or if you want to put anything other than a skirt or dress. Among the most popular with regard to this model, the models beads and sequins used to play a game that is both simple and classy. With these, we must avoid in eyeful and play the card of simplicity opting for high wispy, while staying in the same shades as your leggings. An oversize tunic is perfect to complete your look.If you have a black legging, so feel free to choose a top of the same color and preferably a tunic or a much longer chemisière at the back than the front. For lighter leggings, pearly or silver colors, you can choose high in white or light beige.

The manual to put the woolen stockings

For winter leggings, as said on ELAINEQHO, you can also choose low especially models like the Netherlands wool .This accessory is used especially in winter and goes beautifully with a big top, like a sweater dress for example, or tunic knit. It will just let you know well match colors. For bottom in black, you can associate them with high dark royal blue, dark brown or gray.For bright colors, white woolen socks go well with sweater dresses light beige or gray.In addition, for a more flashy look, you can also opt for a color move up, purple and even turquoise. For shoes, know adapt them to textures. If you opted for dark colors, finalize your elegance with shoes with heels and pumps. For a more casual look, with bright colors, you can play between the boots and ballerinas.