Fat Bikes with 4.8 Tires

The United States has come from fatbike applications and pronounced it: big sandy Plains, deserts and snow. For Americans, it is an absolute mega-hype. The fatbike runs at low tire pressure bending also very comfortable. Tire biter extremely tight in every imaginable surface, and that just gives me a kick.

Fatbikes: on fat tyres through any terrain

Fatbikes do its name justice: trendy bikes from America with his time to 4.8 inch wide tires easily through snow and mud. Perfect for cycling fans who even in winter to make a tour of the premises. A simple frame, few frills and tires so thick that you can grab a frozen ground to plow. Fatbikes their maximum 4.8 inch wide seals are in America eye-catcher of the season.
Extremely low air pressure on non-suspension bikes

So far, whizzed above all extreme sports enthusiasts with the American canyons. But over the course of the 2013 left many American manufacturers, their new models for the first time to a wider audience in Europe. The non-suspension bicycle absorb shock simply by the low air pressure in the tire, which is well below the bar in line.
Fatbike: in Europe for the first time at Eurobike in 2013

At Eurobike in 2013 in the German Friederichshafen would European visitors for the first time to a large number of bicycles with extra thick Deck Marvel:

  • fatbike pioneer Surly showed model Moon Lander with 4.8 inch wide tyres;
  • and with an equally respectable 4 inches must admire the carbon cycle Beargrease Salsa;
  • in the same category, move the model Wo Kona;
  • and even the Argon Barrel Nicolai can still boast an impressive width of 3.8 inches.

Also included in Specialized FatBoy, Agang with Sumo and the German manufacturer Velo Traum with Pilger represented. The market offers so now enough choice. But some models were only available in the spring of 2014.
A fatbike, who needs it?

But who is at all a cycle need whose band makes almost a full-fledged engine thinking? Well, fatbikes is an option for mountain bikers who want to abstain from any cushioning technology and therefore sales increase as everything is a little more relaxed.
?? Whatever happens … …?

Fatbikes has the advantage that is difficult to imagine an area that stops the rider, either from sand, gravel, dirt, mud or snow. Also, Andyoutdoor.com has tips for safety driving in during raining. The Fatbike you have a cycle that is very universal use, using a very simple technique. Fatbikes be as two-wheeled version of the SUV. The motto is?? No matter what happens, nothing stops the fatbike against ”
A whole new driving experience

Suitability for extreme outdoor activities, the fatbike attractive for seasons in which many prefer to leave their bikes in the basement. Of course you can also order via winter tires with spikes, but only to a certain depth. If you are accustomed to the monstrous-looking fe fatbike is a whole new driving experience. Nowadays, many cyclists sucka?? I hope the snow remains. On a layer of snow up to 20 cm shows that very good bikes.