Fay Quattro Ganci

Function and style has since 1980 been the watchwords for Italian Fay. A brand with their sporty well-dressed look in many ways set the standard for the modern Italian style. The brand’s first-ever jacket, Quattro Ganci, is still strong.

Diego Della Valle is perhaps best known for taking over his dad’s shoe Studio and turned it into skogiganten Tod’s. Lesser known in the Della Valles style Empire is sportshoe and accessoarmärket Hogan and Fay, whose jackets worn as frequently by Hollywood celebrities such as the stylish Italians.

In our country, however, is considerably less well known brand. Perhaps it may be due to the distinct southern European style which stands in clear contrast to Swedish stripped outfit. Fay doesn’t shy away from mixing shiny high-tech materials with trendsetting details that speak of the garment’s functionality. But so too has the brand been at the forefront of combining modern materials and functional solutions with a portable urban style. Among other things, was Fay first with the concept of having a detachable v st inside go with the outer coat.

Quattro Ganci (4 hook) which was launched in 1980 became the brand’s big break. The jacket is inspired by the uniforms of American firefighters. Something which is reflected clearly in the characteristic hook closure. The original model was made from nylon, but over the years there have been several versions in different materials. In the brand’s Spring collection is visible in the original jacket slightly updated look with shorter, sportier cut.