Felt Laptop cover

The computer is an important tool, in addition to an accessory that we carry with us constantly and we must take much care, therefore we will draft a guard of this simple and original craft felt.


  • Felt colors
  • The same color as the felt Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Buttons, ribbons, sequins, etc.


  1. first we need to take our lap top measures, based on these measures we are going to form a cross, the Center and each tab will be marked based on the closed laptop, more 3 cm on each side.
  2. we then need to paste the more raspy part of velcro in the 3 upper ends of the cross.You can replace the velcro with a button.
  3. when stuck, we turned the cross (outward) and paste the counterpart of the velcro on the bottom of the cross (in this part would do the buttonhole if you opted to use a button).Turn the cross out again.
  4. bend the tabs without velcro inward and sew them together.
  5. folded inward the tab with the soft velcro attached in such a way that it is now facing, sew it to the other two tabs already sewn.
  6. decorate the outside of the case with pieces of felt, ribbons, buttons, etc.

This is an easy way to keep your laptop are always protected and at the same time have a case with your personal style and at very low cost. You can make some to give away or sell.