Felt Porta-Lentes

This is one of the crafts that you can do with your children, more useful, since many times we do not know to put the lens to prevent scratching. In addition, if your child starts to use them, this is a good way to get that use them and care for them.


  • Felt colors
  • Scissors
  • Rule
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Glue
  • Snap or velcro


  1. measure the lenses that you store in the porta-lentes, felt, mark a figure which measure twice what measure of bandwidth and adds two centimeters, so measure more two centimeters tall.
  2. draw a tab of 5 cm high x what you measure width lenses, and trim the full figure.
  3. fold the figure in half and sew all sides less having the pestañita.
  4. decorate with figurines previously cut felts of different colors to make it look nice…
  5. Finally you SEW each part of the clasp, one tab and one to the body of the case.

This craft will keep good care the lenses of your children, and custom decoration will help them take care of them and use, especially if they help to create the case.