Fendi Peekaboo Mini Review

Hard to imagine a scale reproduction of the Trevi Fountain, Roman monument envied around the world, placed at the center of a boutique.But just add Las Vegas as the location, and everything becomes possible.In the city of chance, in fact, where the dollars are lost and multiply, the luxury, the pomp and ostentation are the masters and slogans, there is no limit to the imagination nor the possibilities. It ‘just the slot machines town that has recently opened the latest boutique of one of the quintessential luxury brand, Fendi.

As always happens at the opening of boutiques of the most important fashion houses, several special models celebratory event were obviously made ​​in limited edition, which only a few, I would say very few judging by the price, fashionistas can afford ZIPCODESEXPLORER camping backpacks. As is clear from the thumbnails the Trevi Fountain we talked about earlier, which triumphs in the middle of the flagship store, the entire store wants to pay homage to Rome and its symbols, which is why Fendi has created a special Peekaboo bag-one of the most popular models of the brand just repeated on the catwalks for next winter- inspired by the famous fountain in just 20 pieces each one sold at $ 4,500, more than double the price of a Peekaboo “normal”, because the value affects the plaque in gold with the serial number of which each is equipped. There seems to be a excessive price for a bag?Then know that just to celebrate this inauguration Pharaonic Fendi has created a much more expensive piece.

Always Peekaboo is but a special model, made of python skin plated in 24 carat gold, valued well $ 36,900!