File Manager for Android

Modern cell phones and smartphones are real computers you loads in the Palm of your hand. They have complex operating systems, large amount of memory, and file systems compatible with the formats used in PC’s for several years. As there are directories and files on your mobile phone, it is important to have a file manager program to navigate directories from the internal memory or memory card that these devices support.

A very complete and file manager that I use on Android is File Expert. And navigate the phone directories it comes with several extra functions like access to shared files on the local network by Windows or Samba on Linux, works as FTP client, SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV and Bluetooth OBEX.

In addition to work as client software it can be also FTP and HTTP server and to access file servers in the cloud as the Dropbox and

If the appliance has NFC, also enables the sharing of files through this technology. In a Wi-Fi network, allows direct sharing of files with other devices that also perform File Expert.

Also manages the installed applications on Android, allowing quick uninstall and backup applications. Can compress and decompress ZIP. You can decompress RAR files and GZIP/TAR/TGZ/BZ.

When the directory navigated has pictures or videos, it creates thumbnails for image formats jpg, png and 3gp. Has texts and Viewer embedded images, allows you to search for files and also supports custom themes.

The File is free and has no advertising. Practically perfect!

The video below, in English, is a demonstration of the functionality of File Expert.

I’ve used several other file managers on Android and never found any that were so complete, fast, lightweight and efficient as the File Expert. Install on your Android via Android Market and stop worrying about the handling of files in your phone.