Firefox OS Spreads

CES2015: The little operating system OS from Mozilla Firefox will take the fight up against Android and iOS on more edges.

Like the popular Firefox browser has bitten stuck on many computers, and the operating system for mobiles will also do if it were up to Mozilla. The company behind Firefox OS, however, does not stop there, and they want to make a version for tv and wearables.

Could actually Panasonic at CES unveiled, that there will be a smart tv from the company with a version of Firefox US to keep track of the fun, and wearables will come later.

Mozilla’s Chief, Joe Cheng, tells that you will spread out to multiple operating system platforms including wearables and stuff for the home. It is important to provide a consistent experience, he says.

Firefox for Android Wear and it must be opposite wearables upcoming Apple Watch could speak with multiple operating systems.

Operating system for smartphones is found primarily in the budget-oriented models and is not yet widely distributed around the world.