Fitbit Presents at CES Its New 2016 Blaze

Fitbit announced at CES in Las Vegas his new Blaze, a “smart fitness watch” by the special octagonal design, with aluminium body, able to track physical activity and motor.

Fitbit Blaze is a device dedicated to fitness, thought as an aid in most daily workouts, with a versatile design that can adapt to all styles, equipped with all the most useful features in one clock that fits your lifestyle.

Fitbit Blaze offers advanced features dedicated to fitness as a training video of FITSTAR by Fitbit, PurePulse to monitor the heartbeat and SmartTrack who, with automatic recognition of the exercises, motivates you to improve more and more.

Fitbit Blaze also allows you to receive calls and SMS notifications or alerts on your calendar.The battery provides up to 5 days.

“One of the first things we learned in this market is that feel good and fit is a personal matter-and if something doesn’t belong to your style, don’t wear it ever,” said James Park, CEO and co-founder of Fitbit. “With Fitbit Blaze, went over to what’s possible, to create a beautiful device, versatile, customizable and able to adapt to the style of each – but that meanwhile are an incentive to achieve their goals. Fitbit Blaze offers a combination of innovative features carefully selected, is designed to motivate the user Fitbit and delivers a fitness experience even easier and more useful. “

In addition to monitoring all daily activities as already happens with the other devices, Fitbit Blaze was designed with advanced capabilities to help users arrive at a higher level in their daily training.

FitStar Personal Trainer training guide with instructions and pictures on the screen through three of the most famous FitStar exercises: Warm It Up (8 minutes), 7 minute Workout and 10 minutes of sit-ups. Each training session is free, does not require any access to the app or a smartphone and gives you the ability to do some exercise effective wherever you are.

The GPS connection helps training to be more functional, with the ability to control some elements of exercise such as distance, speed and mileage per minute. After each session, wireless sync allows you to have on your Fitbit Control Panel the road traveled, speed and height reached with even more precise details.

PurePulse is a continuous monitoring system, based on the heart rate measured at the wrist, which helps maximize each training session simply by measuring the beat per minute, to help maintain the strength of the seats and have a more accurate monitoring of calories burned during each session. PurePulse also offers a general overview of health status, including the heartbeat at rest and cardiac activity during the day, all without having to wear headbands tied around your chest.

The Multi-Sport mode lets you record several specific training like biking, running, cardio, free weights, yoga and many other sports, while notes real time statistics of its performances in helping you achieve the best results during each session. PurePulse, Multi-sports, has enhanced capabilities for advanced monitoring of cardiac activity, especially during exercise sessions.

SmartTrack recognizes the exercise type and automatically records physical activities, such as cycling, trekking and race as well as aerobic workouts, Zumba, cardio-kickboxing, like tennis, basketball and soccer.

Fitbit Blaze has interchangeable straps of different materials and high quality genuine leather, steel and rubber. The modular design allows you to remove and insert the device inside a new case, for use for example Fitbit Blaze at work and change quickly strap and case for example, if you have to start a training session. This quick release system allows you to change the design of the device within seconds. High resolution touch screen allows you to customize the clock face.

Fitbit Blaze is compatible with over 200 models of smartphones running Android, iOS , andWindows and is available in presale today at the price of € 229.95. From March will be distributed globally, initially in black, blue and plum, with a premium collection of straps and frame.

Soon there will also be a full line of accessories easily interchangeable. Initially will be available a Classic rubber strap (29.99 euros), Luxe leather and stainless steel (99.99 euros) and Luxe steel with stainless steel case (139.99 euro)

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