Forget the Shopping: Soon Less, You Can Download Your New Clothes

And Still Print Them at Home

No, you didn’t read wrong. The future seems to have arrived in the fashion industry, with the significant help of Israeli fashion designer David Peleg, who used the technology of 3D printers to create a whole collection of clothes.

It all started in September of 2016, when she was still in college. The David project to complete the course of fashion design College of Engineering and Design Shankar was responsible for giving the start in the new venture.This year, to put the idea into practice, she decided to work with 3D printers, the topic which the 27 year-old designer didn’t understand virtually anything.

The intention was to check if it would be possible to create clothes using a technology accessible to all of us.Not knowing whether this would work or not, Danit bet all of the chips in your 3D journey: “I wonder how our world will be when our clothes are prints,” said in a speech recorded in November of 2016 for the Ted Conference Talks.

The inspiration for the first piece of the collection – the jacket “liberty”-came from the painting “liberty leading the people”, the French painter Eugène Delacroix. David’s modified the picture to look like a 3D image by looking at the different triangles are present in the composition.

From there she began experimenting with new materials and printers, along with professionals from other companies, until he found the material Line Flex, which made possible the impression your long-dreamed red jacket.

As the collection was just beginning, the intention now was to create new models and that’s what happened, fabrics that looked like income and were easier to work, became reality.

After more than 2000 hours of printing, the collection was almost complete: “When I was getting ready for the catwalk, I decided to print shoes for models wish they would use 100% materials made with 3D printer including your shoes.”

The David collection was born and with it a revolution begins slowly in the world of fashion: “I believe that this is just the beginning. As the technologies develop, soon we will be printing our clothes at home “.