Forgetfulness Resulted in New Application

A new application, which should remind users to check out the Travel Card was developed because of the developer’s forgetfulness.

If you use Travel Card and have you experienced to get a “stupid fine” at 50 kroner, because you forgot to check out with Travel Card – yes then you are far from the only one.

In 2012 the whole 200,000 trips ended in train, metro or bus, that the traveller forgot to check out, it shows figures from the Travel card itself. Which meant the Danes paid fines for a total of 10 million dollars. It writes our site.

But a new application, “Check off” remember you now, to get checked out when you travel on the Travel Card.

The idea for the application arose because that man behind, Anders Friis, even forgot to check out – and spoke to a good friend about the problems surrounding it.

-“My friend said that he set a timed reminder on his phone so he didn’t forgot to check out. I thought that there had to be a smarter way, “says Anders Friis, who read software development at the IT University in Copenhagen.

This resulted then in that application was developed and the works in all its simplicity know that you enter your final destination and you will be reminded to check out when you arrive.

You can also follow your journey on the map within the application, as well as set in how good time one wants to be reminded to check out.

You can download the application “Check-out” to the iPhone for 7 dollars in Apple’s App Store and read more about it here.