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Francois Faber Tour France

Luxemburger François Faber won the Tour de France in 1909.His nickname was The Giant Colombes?? ??. The nickname that he had before he became a professional cyclist. Faber worked in the port of Colombes. He was very wide and long, and made a great impression on his colleagues, because he could lift heavy things and terrible hours could work tirelessly behind the other.

During his cycling career was his enormous perseverance his greatest quality. In addition, Faber was also very good sprint. ?? Even the Giant of Colombes?? compared to most cyclists were strikingly tall and powerfully built, he also belonged to the land for better drivers.

1909 Tour

Fancois Faber won several classics, including Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Tours, the Tour of Lombardy, Paris-Bordeaux, but his most impressive feat was undoubtedly his victory tour in 1909.
During this tour, Faber prevailed in unprecedented ways. He not only won the overall classification, but also six stages. Of these he won five in a row, which is a show that is not surpassed by any so far.

Sing on his bike

Faber told me that even if he had to deliver extremely strenuous exercise, or when he was hit by major setback, he still almost always been happy. During the terrible storm, he would often sing on his bike.
Faber had a Luxembourg father and a French mother. He was born in France, but when he came of age, and had to choose what was his official citizenship, he chose for his father’s nationality. Becoming the first Tour winner who had not a French citizen.

The first world war

When World War I broke out in 1914, Faber felt solidarity with France. He decided to enroll in the French army. Bike hero was included in the Foreign Legion.
On 9 May 1915, Faber left his trench because he wanted to save a wounded comrade, who was in no-man’s land. A bullet from a German soldier pierced when the head of the masters cycling. Then exploded near the corpse of Faber a massive German bomb. The remains of the first non-French Tour winner was never found.
On the day Francois Faber died, his wife gave birth to their daughter.

The most important victories Francois Faber:

  • 1908: The Tour of Lombardy and four stages in the Tour de France
  • 1909: Paris-Tours, Paris-Brussels, in total in the Tour de France + six Tour stages
  • 1910: Paris-Tours and three stages in Tour de France
  • 1911: Bordeaux-Paris and two stages in the Tour de France
  • 1913: Paris-Roubaix and two stages in the Tour de France
  • 1914: two stages in the Tour de France

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