Full Backpacks and Sympathy: Veteran’s Tips for Campus Party

The sixth edition of Campus Party is about to begin.Between January 28 and February 3, Brazil’s largest technology forum will be back at the Anhembi Exhibition Park in São Paulo, bringing an agenda with approximately 500 hours of content.For you to take advantage of the event, veterans give tips for the exchange of information, technology, culture and digital entertainment to be even better.

Among the great personalities of the medium, will be in the largest technology forum in Brazil, for example, Isadora Faber, Luis Guggenberger, Tiago Messias, Tony Marlon and Nolan Bushnell.With the intention of showing that the Internet is not made only by machines, but by people of flesh and blood, # CPBR6 will follow the same scheme of other editions, with three distinct spaces:the Arena, where the campuses interact and participate in the most diverse activities;the Camping, with thousands of stalls and all the necessary infrastructure for the guests;and Expo, free space and open to the general public.

The Campus Party organization recommends that participants be careful about the electronic equipment they carry – CPUs, notebooks and/or game consoles.All personal devices will be labeled and will receive the ID number of the campuseiro.In addition, it is prohibited to smoke, consume alcohol, narcotics and illegal substance within the limits of the event.

Participants from previous events recommend that you be sure to bring with your outdoor backpack:
– Documents (RG and event credential).
– Pieces of clothing, enough for seven days of camping.
– Electronics and gadgets that are essential to you – and an external USB stick or pendrive, together with a stabilizer are good guarantees!
– All that is necessary for personal hygiene in a camp (type: towel, toothbrush, liquid soap, shampoo, shaver, deodorant).
– Pillow, inflatable mattress or sleeping bag and air pump, to fill the mattress, bed sheet, blanket and ear protector – to ensure sleep.
– An extra bag – to store gifts.
– And basic equipment for campers:plastic bags, S hook – no hanger there, padlocks, thermos bottle, repellent, first aid kit, snacks in case of painting that hunger in the middle of the night (cereal bars, biscuits, salty snacks, etc.) and energy.

Renan Barbosa, responsible for the creation of the channel campusesiros.com, recommends to the participants much disposition for the seven days of the event.”The main thing is to attend lectures, get new contacts and avoid sitting in front of the computer;That’s what you do at home!”

For Armando Junior, a veteran campuseiro,”it’s time to realize that this is the biggest technology event in South America and we will be approximately eight thousand thinking heads together for seven days.Therefore, it is important to take:respect, cordiality and cooperativism.”

Other reminders and attitudes should be followed so that participants can make the most of Campus Party 2013:

– Schedule yourself in advance. There are dozens of debates, lectures and round tables and for hours going on at the same time
– Remember to rest. There are several puffs, enjoy to interact, relax and recover energy.
– Stay hydrated and enjoy the times when there are breaks for meals.
– Make contacts, share knowledge and interact with other different groups.
– Remember to use the stabilizer and always have a pen drive or external HD for backups.
“Take care of your things. Campus Party is a safe place, but avoid blocking problems and using locks to protect your belongings.
– Watch out for social networks. Many of the gincanas and promotions occur by surprise and are announced on Facebook and Twitter.
– Explore the Arena and enjoy the nightly events.

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