Galaxy S Ii (Gt I9100)-Video

The Samsung Galaxy S was a big hit in the South Korean company. After the Galaxy S model have sold more than 10 million units, Samsung decided to launch an upgraded model of the device a year. The second model, the Galaxy S II, was released in 2011, with significant updates in relation to the previous model.

Galaxy S Ii (Gt I9100)-Video

Differences Between the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2

In relation to the previous Galaxy S, Galaxy S II screen is bigger, with 4.3-inch super AMOLED technology, brighter and better definition. The appliance comes with Android 2.3, in addition to various programs of Samsung installed. They occupy a good memory space of the unit, but can be deleted to make Android root. In relation to the Galaxy S there are Android 2.3 interface changes, but the speed of the interface doesn’t seem to be much higher. This is due, in part, by the fact that many programs are optimized for dual core processors in cell phones. It takes a while until the software to be able to take advantage of all the capabilities of the hardware.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is an excellent unit of Samsung. The second model of the S series, showed that Samsung came to compete with the giants of the hardware, such as Apple and Microsoft.

From the point of view of the hardware, is used a dual core processor with two cores of 1 GHz. He is thinner and more lightweight and has an 8MP camera with flash, which was not present in the previous version of the Galaxy S, this is a good news. There is also a front-facing camera for video calling. The price of the Galaxy S II goes up to $ 500, with models that allow the use of two chips. Even in 2015, the appliance still performs well for the price.

See the video below with a quick description of the new Samsung Galaxy S (GT I9100).