Gameloft and 7 Games for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Gameloft announced that their games will work on new tablet of the Korean company Samsung. The Galaxy Tab, Samsung Android tablet is able to run almost all games of the company, as well as provide some games from Gameloft for Android completely free!

Games for the Galaxy Tab

Asphalt 5 HD – racing game for mobile devices with the largest number of licensed vehicles. There are more than 30 cars to choose from.

Let’s Golf! HD-high definition of the popular Summer game of golf with 63 holes, 4 environments. All with 3D graphics and animated characters.

New-Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD – first-person shooter game with 13 levels in various scenarios such as forests, snow, spaceship and even in an alien city. It is possible to play in local and online multiplayer via top-engineering-schools .

Hero of Sparta HD – an epic journey and many mystical creatures. Environments with graphic details.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm HD – first-person shooter.

Dungeon Um have HD – A Gothic RPG where you discover the enormous world of Gothicus with different challenges and missions to choose from.

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle HD – simulation of the life of a Los Angeles gang. More than 50 missions, combining the best of racing games and action. The environment is a complete 3D reconstruction of the city of Los Angeles, with detailed and impressive buildings.

But That’s All Game for Android?

None of this! Gameloft is one of the few companies of mobile games that launches Android games and modern complexes with frequency. Below is a video with some of these games on the Galaxy Tab, just so you get a taste of gambling.

Enjoyed the games from Gameloft? I’ve invested several hours in games from Gameloft, and hopefully soon she bid more addictive games for me to invest my fun time. Generally, Gameloft make “clones” of popular games, like the God Of War franchise, Call Of Duty, Need For Speed, among others. But the games are so good that I don’t even complain of “copy”. All the information of this article were obtained through the site PRNewsWire.

You play games on your Android? You’ve played the games from Gameloft?