Gardening and Work Gloves

During any work around the house and garden gloves are essential. Protect your hands from dirt and injuries in various activities, such as planting, replanting, raking, pruning, sweeping, but when working with garden tools.

Most common are so-called combination glove universally used for various rough work. The palm and fingers are made ​​of soft leather (mostly pork, beef or goat skin), the spine is sewn from leather and cotton fabric. Sometimes the palm and the inside of a rubber fingers still. Cottagers and use leather gloves, which is especially useful for working with untreated wood. Skin is well protected against wood chips. Another advantage of these gloves are breathable leather materials – hand at work sweat and gloves slip. The quality of leather is used for the production, the price of the product is higher. Especially men appreciate another type provides important protection for the hands – gardening gloves (see can protect your hands from mechanical damage by sharp tools. They are particularly suitable for working with power tools, such as a chain saw or drill. On a lighter work in the workshop, barn and garden will suffice textile gloves. They are popular for their flexibility, breathability and above all maintaining maximum sensitivity.

What other gloves we use?

Next, we need gloves with waterproof inner surface which protects hands from moisture and dirt while providing sufficient emotion to any work that needed reliable grip and simultaneously secure protection against moisture. Gloves in the water made ​​from rubber with a cotton lining and latex dipped models are ideal for any work related to water or other liquids. The garden also can not do without the gloves for the care of shrubs and roses. They provide ideal protection for handling and Mincing thorny plants. Due to the enhanced desktop fingers or hands are safe hands. Long sleeves again reliably protect wrists and arms. On the market there are many other types of protective gloves. These include anti-vibration gloves with thicker inner padding, which suppresses the undesired effects of high-frequency tremor instruments such as percussion hammers, grinders and drills. We also have a layered gloves, which are coated with anti-slip discs, disposable gloves, a metal fiber, resistant to heat and chemicals, welding and the like.

Beware of improper selection

Less quality and inappropriately selected gloves very sweeten work. If they are too short to protect your hands and wrists in front of thorns or Mincing plants and in the soil falls into the skin. Unless the glove waterproof layer, working in uncomfortable moisture. Poor quality materials, lack of padding and imprecise cut cause unpleasant calluses and excessive sweating.
One versatile gloves that will serve to tear all the family members, our labor is not sufficient. It is most effective for each job using a special type of gloves. At the end, it depends on the materials used and cut.