Gigaset ME Pro in the Test

Gigaset dispensed with the ME Pro on a loudspeaker. If phoning with your phone still works, check out the test.

Gigaset could celebrate a good debut in the shark tank smartphone market with the ME (test). Now the German company put further up a class with the Phablet ME Pro for 549 euros. If the chic part is a real alternative to the renowned manufacturers, it must demonstrate in the test.

Calling over bone sound

Visually the two Gigasets like the proverbial eggs – are the same and that is just as well, because the combination of Gorilla – gently curved at the edges of glass surfaces and the wide stainless steel frame looks simply fantastic. Consistent with the impeccable processing of the test pattern. But unfortunately, the high-quality materials go quite nicely on the Phablet hip, and so the ME Pro brings a whopping 195 grams. Since the surfaces are also tend to be more slippery, a fixed grip advisable in everyday life, so that the piece is not accidentally lands on the ground.

Gigaset has realized how a completely United Front in the ME in ME Pro, so the appliance without certification is pretty well protected from dust. This seamless design is possible among other things by abandoning a telephony speaker. Instead, Gigaset relies on bone acoustic technology. Simply put, the glass surface is transferred to vibration and disclosed the details of the skull bone directly to the inner ear.

In theory, calls are easy so even in a noisy environment to lead. In practice, the sound on the phone with ME Pro is very dull and also quiet depending on the location on the ear. Increases the volume, vibrate the whole device and the surrounding area can follow the conversation easily. That might not really be in the spirit of the inventor.

Strong performance including

Off has the ME Pro in addition to its great look but also some fine ingredients on board. Gigaset has bought a 5.5-inch IPS display his top model. The display offers full HD resolution and a high brightness of 430 cd/m2. Equipment’s likely also in a bright environment no off reading problems occur. The appearance of display is brilliant and brings good the contents of the ME Pro very advantage.

A dashing through the Bank operating tempo provides the Qualcomm platform MSM8994 with a 1.8 GHz fast octa-core processor. To join 3 GB memory and discretionary 20.5 GB user memory. The latter can be easily, and above all cost-effective via a micro SD memory card slot. Alternatively a second Nano SIM who dispenses with the extra space, can be used.

Lush & accommodation

However, not only the very good technical basis convinced at the ME Pro, but also the equipment. In terms of connectivity and interfaces, there to discover any gaps. The Gigaset aboard has LTE cat.6, ac Wi-FI, Bluetooth 4.1 and even a modern and fast USB-C connector. In addition, there is an infrared diode with matching app to operate on the Phablet video and audio equipment. A sensor, you can measure his pulse or UV radiation with the sitting on the back. Also back a fingerprint is placed centrally and conveniently under the camera lens. Had the ME dropped here still criticism themselves, the sensor on the ME Pro in the test worked quite reliably and quickly.

Moderate Android customization

Gigaset created only rudimentary original hand of Google’s system to the user interface and gave only your own icons and fonts on the way the ME Pro. Gigaset dispenses with a main menu, all apps are located on the main levels, where they be grouped according to Gusto in folder. Overall, but exciting software features missing to create a separate identity and to differentiate into the circle of large Phablet and phone manufacturers. Also the ME Pro with the outdated Android version comes 5.1.1, – in this price range you expect already the latest version; She should at least follow per update.

Light and shadow in the laboratory

In the face of the battery, running up with rich 4000 mAh capacity, expectations for the ME Pro in the discipline of course quite stamina were great. The Gigaset Phablet was then also no slouch himself and delivered nearly nine hours in the display operation with a very good idea. Also the talk time of over 31 hours in the GSM, as well as less than 19 hours in the UMTS usage are outstanding. Kudos earned here the ME Pro in any case: it belongs to the time runners of the mobile industry.

Less good it looks, however, the remaining laboratory values. So convinced the send and receive quality only with LTE. In the UMTS and GSM operation, the ME Pro, however, delivered just average food. Still weaker were the results of the acoustic, as Gigaset – as already mentioned – waives a speaker for telephony.

By weak performances in acoustics and reception the ME Pro must classify is ultimately behind the siblings model for ME. It’s a pity, because the chic Phablet has to offer at a fair price.