Gigaset S850 HX Test

The Gigaset S850 HX is specially designed for use with VoIP routers and it adapted to the features of popular router models. The test shows how well that works.

Owner of an all-IP port, which would benefit from the advantages of the new phone technology in fully have two options: either you use a device, that past direct the VoIP service of provider connects to the phone functions of the router – about cordless phones with their own IP-based like the models from the “Gigaset go” series. Or they register the handset to the DECT base integrated into the router. The latter has led to loss of comfort so far but: more advanced features such as call forwarding allowed themselves only with cryptic keyboard shortcuts instead of using plain text menus. And you had to give up some features such as call logs stored in the router completely in this constellation.

Gigaset will now break up with these disadvantages. The cordless phones from the new HX series contain a special firmware which equips them to communicate with IP-capable base stations. Because the necessary adjustments must be made specifically for each router series, they are restricted so far on the most popular VoIP Router: the Fritz box by AVM, high-speed ports of Telekom, the home box by O2 as well as VoIP-ready models of TP-link.

The hardware of the phones does not differ from the already known models that are designed for operation on Gigaset base stations. So the here tested S850 HX corresponds to the offered also for 80 euros, designed to operate on analog lines model S850. The HX variant, it comes only with charging cradle and without DECT base.

Clever adjustments

To the test, we have connected the S850 HX to router of AVM and TP-link. Even if not 100 percent of the router functions are supported, the adaptation to the special features of this special base stations Gigaset succeeded. Well liked the testers around, that the phones offer plain text menu items, the then in code sequences such as * translate 600.

Also in the connect measuring laboratory the S850 HX cuts a good figure. His sound is normally high and can convince in the HD voice mode. And also the battery life in standby and continuous talk alright.

Test results

Some pictures of this test were incorrectly printed in the connect 03/2016. In the following, you can download the article as PDF – with all test results and the correct images.