Golden Point Leggings

Online the new collection of Golden Point for the next SS14. Leggings, socks and many new features to be beautiful and attractive on all occasions.

Leggings and tights irresistible. The new spring-summer collection Golden Point is available immediately with all their news. The watchword is definitely color, so much color. It ranges from blue to coral, red to fuchsia, dall’amarena to white. The leaders for the warm weather should be bright, crisp and able to capture the attention. The brand has introduced a range, suitable-as usual- even the sizes a little ‘softer, which impresses with its style and very competitive price. A mix which these days is certainly much appreciated and seen as an added value at the time of purchase. In the spring-summer line includes lots of leggings models, both long and short, but especially new colors, styles inherent in the moment and in a very lively patterns, patterns which make the pendant knee socks, tights, socks and timeless Parisian.


Based on AUTOMOTIVEQNA, the leggings have now become a very important item of clothing nell’outfit of every woman.If before they were an alternative to the usual tights, a simple accessory, now they have become a leader through which they can express their personality. So away with the fantasy.Golden Point offers a line of leggings modern and saucy.
There are those brightly colored, with a range of colors ranging from red to blue to switch to fluorescent shades on pink and yellow. There are those courts to the ankle or calf-length ones. There are those plain and those who play with a thousand fantasies both floral and geometrical, up to those with eccentric prints. And as neglecting the animal style? And ‘a must for both the bags for shoes in 2014. Why this long not even propose it over leggings?Golden Point it did and this is already the best-selling model. Finally are reproduced the classic leather models, always gritty and aggressive, and even those lace that give the figure a sensual and refined touch.


Breathtaking stockings, tights from vintage mood, stockings tattoo effect. Even for Chapter socks, Golden Point gives the best of himself and for the next season offers a really elegant line. The knee-creates them with a charming style than embroidery etiquette and with colors ranging from pale pink to electric blue, Lurex and Mythe. The highs are super sexy thanks to embroideries and patterns boo, tantalizing yet elegant. Tights and Paris are offered in a thousand colors, materials and motifs: a must for the woman who wants to show, on every occasion, in all her femininity.