Google Glass Will Be Prohibited at Casinos and Strip Clubs

Although Google Glass not yet in official trade, then they have already been banned in several places.

Google’s futuristic Project Glass is not yet out in official trade, yet they have already been denied access in several places.

Google Glass a few glasses with a built-in screen and camera that can be controlled by voice or movements.

But the glasses, which may come in the retail industry already in 2013, will not be welcome everywhere.

The glasses can, according to our site, for infringing on privacy, since the wearer of spectacles can record video and take pictures without others can view it.

As a result, the glasses are already denied access to Casinos in Las Vegas, at strip clubs and in cinemas.

A spokesman in Las Vegas says that users should leave the glasses with the doorman, and would we not it, will you get paid a limousine back to his hotel.