Google Has Removed 60,000 Applications from Google Play Large

The cleanup in Google Play Store has been tightened up. In February disappeared from Google applications Play Sized 60,000.

There is a choice of about 700,000 applications in the apps store Google Play Great, but quantity is not always good, if there are applications that are useless or harmful. And the part Google will now tighten up. It writes our site.

In February disappeared from the apps store, the 60,000 applications tell a company that monitors Google Play, to our site.

Some of the applications are without major drama pulled back by the publishers themselves, but the figure is far higher than usually, Google must therefore stand behind the removal of most applications.

Thorough cleaning of Google

A large proportion of the applications, which are removed, were in MP3 ringtone category, which also indicates it is Google who have been in the process of a thorough cleaning, as these applications often have been used as a “smokescreen” for more sneaky applications. It writes our site, according to Techcrunch.

Apple often are accused of having too much control – as they do not allow a new application in the store before it is approved by the company’s team of app-judges. But despite the fact that Google lets developers get a free-for-all, so there is a “Google politicians”, which keeps an eye out for the following. Which also happens to a greater extent than in the past, inter alia via algorithms, which gradually gets better and better. also writes that there still is room for sneaky applications in Google Play. For a weather application for Android that cheat money from the user by sending a premium rate text messages, this is still available in Google Play, although Google is informed about the problem.

How many applications are now in Google Play Big Google i/o will be published next month.