Google Pixel C in the Test

Pixel C, the first Google Tablet without ASUS, Samsung or HTC surprised in the test with brilliant results in the laboratory and connect. Android 6.0 with speeds of up to 10 Gigabit USB type-C, despite weaknesses in facilities of the technically latest tablets on the market it is.

Clear, minimalist design, high quality materials, Android 6 Marshmallow in pure form – it is Google’s new tablet, the pixel C. It is the second production without third-party commissioning.

Originally intended for developers, Google can be years in close cooperation with renowned manufacturers smartphones and tablets, uniformly primarily marketed under the name “Nexus” about Google’s play store. Software comes only Android devices – of course in the most recent version and with all the Google Apps from the chrome browser via the calendar up to the play-apps for entertainment.

Almost exactly three years ago, the U.S. company with the Chromebook pixel presented his first equity growth, developed without roll-call support third-party manufacturer. In Germany Google not offered but it, but in the United States, where the chrome OS notebooks had a better start – especially in schools the cheap laptops are primarily no longer indispensable. On the German market, the first tablet in-house celebrates therefore a first.

Such as the Chromebook already, even the Tablet pixel C inside a high quality anodized aluminum enclosure. The “C” in the name stands for “Convertible” and means that the pixel C sees itself as a symbiosis between Tablet and a small notebook. This is true but basically only if it acquires to the available from 499 euro tablet that Google sold first time alone, also the associated keyboard for 169 euro. This rather, actually is an improvement to a supplement. Still, must the pixel C connect test do so, as it is – namely solo sold.

Very good results in the connect lab

And this is first time very well: to meet his name Shine that pixel C of compared to other high resolution 10 inch with 512,000 additional pixels and resolves against the broader matrix of 2560 x 1600 more pixels with 20 rows, so with 2560 x 1800 pixels. So it comes with same size of higher 310 ppi. Also, is the display with 483 cd / m ² very bright and has an excellent contrast ratio. Also the audio measurement confirmed the good impression from the practice: the pixel C is equipped with two quality speakers, which also louder sound than that of many other tablets.

The runtime fails nine a quarter hours very well with, although the consumption of the download and pure video playback is high. The answer is a strong 9000 mAh battery. It provides enough juice to recharge even a slow Smartphone. This is possible via the USB-type C connector and a cable, can also be disabled if a pure data connection is desired. A full charge of the tablets on the enclosed 3-amp power supply lasts two and a half to three hours; to learn the current state in the standby, you just enter the four-part light strip on the back.

High weight, little equipment

The downside: It doesn’t show it, but the pixel C weighs solo 519 grams. Hardly an other Android-10-incher weighs still half a kilogram. In the test, the heavy weight negative effect on handling, where also reflected the lack of automatic brightness regulation. Also, incoming messages are not signaled, although himself offered the light strip on the back for this.

While this shortcoming could be addressed by a software update, other deficits remain immutable: so does pixel C neither GPS still an HDMI signal can be executed on the outside. A model with mobile wireless solution is not offered. USB guaranteed type C while the currently fastest data connection of up to 10 gigabits per second; a data cable is not supplied, but, because the charging cable set is connected to the power supply – a disadvantage also for mobility.

Biggest shortcoming but is the traditional Google renunciation of the use of memory cards. The investment in the storage size is all the more significant when purchasing: the pixel costs 499 euros C with 32 gigabytes of memory, 599 euro test device configuration with 64 gigabytes, of which approximately 54 gigabytes are free.

Computing power of NVIDIA

Every now and then the test device was slow. Not in the running game or video, but when opening or switching between apps. That C is pixels not so alone: Earrings in seemingly mundane processes are more likely to watch, even if the hardware is itself well positioned for Android tablets.

With 3 gigabytes of memory, it looks really good for the Google tablet. The integrated chip belongs even to the point of those who plug into current Android tablet or also those of Apple. The Tegra X 1 with Maxwell CPU turns the challenge of high-resolution animated 3D graphics and videos and comes in benchmarks better away than Apple’s A8X in the iPad 2. How he beats against the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip, is still open.

Keyboard cover: Innovative accessories

169 euro likes looking for alternatives, and connect are like tips. In this case, however, the buy recommendation applies the original accessories clear if finances permit. The keyboard cover is also made of aluminium is simply well thought out: because it, if it is protecting the Tablet, is loaded by induction, you need worry hardly to his battery. It’s once empty, a quarter of an hour on the Tablet enough to download it.

The transformation into a mini notebook is as simple as it is ingenious: you put the tablet on the edge of the keyboard and pulls it high, finished. The connection holds so that you can tackle the together 920 grams heavy combination anywhere and carry around. And on the table the display despite high weight even with opening angles not backwards tilting up to 160 degrees. Only drawback: the buttons are not lit.

Conclusion: on his way especially

The good test result owes to the pixel C despite facilities weaknesses his very good performance in the lab. An award earned above all the smart technology in combination with the optional keyboard in addition to the unusual design. For this connection, four strong magnets, which firmly hold it together with the keyboard sitting in the back of the Tablet: as a small notebook or to protect the display with the keyboard, or even to fix it in tablet mode on its back. Even without the keyboard, you can benefit from the magnet: because through them, the tablet shall be liable as on refrigerator doors and other magnetic surfaces like glue.