Google Play Draws from the App Store

A new inventory of apps at Google, Apple and Amazon shows that Google’s appkatalog grows explosively.

Apps is a good business for the big boys, and especially Google has momentum when it comes to apps. A statement from Appfigures shows that Google Play got more than twice as many apps in the course of last year.

The growth is by far the largest among the three appportaler in the study, which includes Google, Apple and Amazon. Apple’s range increased by roughly 55 percent and Amazon’s with about 90 percent.

Microsoft appudvalg is a little more cumbersome to keep track of, because the Windows Store has both apps for smartphone and desktop. However, they have just been able to tell that, overall, 560,000 Windows apps.

The image is the same when you look at the number of developers. Here pulling Google Play from Amazon App Store and Apple’s App Store, which has an almost identical development.

Where Apple and Amazon got about 60 percent more developers during 2014, so Google could say hello to about 75 percent more.