Google Play Has Been Redesigned

The application Google Play Store has just been redesigned for both Android phones and tablets. Read about the news here.

Google has just started the rollout of a redesigned Google Play Great for Android phones and tablets. The new design is simple and user-friendly, and should make you more quickly find what you are looking for. It writes Google Android on their official blog.

When you receive the update you will be greeted by the following information:-“We have changed a few things … Google Play has a new design to make it easier to browse and discover new Favorites. Enjoy, “such is the message when you open the new Google Play Big application.

The new design focuses on larger images that “skips” off the page as well as the corresponding content is grouped together.

Further down on the page is still “new recommendations”, which still allows you to see more and explore new things.

Purchase portion has also been more simple, so you can enjoy faster the content you have just purchased.

The update also offers a better breakdown of applications so you can quickly and easily see which applications that are optimized for tablets. This one can only see when using Google Play Big from a tablet and not a smartphone.

Rollout of the new Google Play Large application has just started and will be available over the next few weeks for user who have Android 2.2 Froyo or later versions installed on your tablet or smartphone.