Google’s Brick-Phone Takes New Step

There are new tools for developers of Project Ara-Google’s build-yourself-phone-and they come up to an Ara Conference.

Before long will be the second Project Ara Conference held, and up to the arrival of new tools for developers of modules for Google’s build-even phones. In addition, other key issues also by being in place.

Among other things, they are optimized for the new chip from Toshiba, which is specifically designed to precisely Project Ara. The new tools to suit the latest skeleton in the project, and there is also a draft of the online marketplace, where the modules are to be sold.

The team behind the Project Ara have also come up with a new non-contact method of the modules to communicate, in order to save space. Together with the Protocol ‘ Greybus ‘ is been created to stand for communication between the skeleton and the modules.

Project Ara Conference is scheduled to be held on 14 July. January, and there will be a live stream of the event, which can be seen here.