Google’s Fjernskrivebordsapp Now Also for iOS

With Chrome, you can control your computer from your phone, and now it is also possible for iOS users.

If you are going to help Grandma with something on your computer, and you not just can come home to her, so that is a solution to get control over your computer from your phone. This can be done via Google, and now you can also act in a support representative from iOS devices.

Google Chrome remote desktop is easy to set up, and provides a secure connection to a computer that has the Chrome browser and Remote Desktop extension installed.

Using the Smartphone screen, which is used in the style of a touchpad on a laptop to move the cursor, you can navigate and click it in to your computer, where you want. You can also heave a keyboard forward so that it not only is a remote controlled mice.

The app is free and can be downloaded here from iTunes, but remember it requires an installed Chrome-browser with the extension to the remote desktop.