Grandinote Proemio in the Test

A small factory located near Milan creates extraordinary amplifier. We have us falls in love with a preliminary stage with the beautiful name Proemio: A tube circuit concept meets a transistor circuit.

Myth: it has the big ideas in the HiFi industry rather away from the big cities. Surprisingly many manufacturers live and work in small population clusters. The list is long. In Italy a new name would like to line up: Grandinote resides South of Milan in the small place Bressana Bottarone. Must you remember. The name of the owner and Chief developer, however, already: Massimiliano Magri.

He thinks differently, first studied amplifier schematics, then discarded, and finally combined: Magri relies essentially on a tube circuit design with traditional transistors. Recently cheered our amplifiers connoisseurs the two Mono blocks demons: “And while the Hi-Fi World Press celebrates these or those bass pudding as a miracle bass, really three-dimensional, tangible, Wägbares and Urgesundes drives out from demons nothing with unstoppable force and precision movement.” Greater, the jubilation may not fail. What was reflected also in hard sound points: the bounteous blocks rank at the top of our reference class. What drove us to finally hear a precursor from the House of Grandinote.

Double Mono structure

We ordered a model with the beautiful name “Proemio”. That sounds just as poetic as the circuit is designed. We listen to a class-A design that does not require feedback. Even a double Mono structure, as he could not be more beautiful and more stringent. Who first encountered the Proemio, fell literally in the outstanding processing. Also surprised us a printed technical term on the back: “Magnetosolid Amplifiers”. A neologism from “ferromagnetic” and “solid”. What should play on the benefits of class-A “Solid-state” transistors and the in-house “Magnetosolid” output stages.

Who sets the Proemio powered for the first time and pressed the power button, who must insert a small silence. The precursor counts a countdown download on their display slowly by 100 until the operating voltage has been reached. After that you may Marvel. We did not expect this soundstage. That had actually paired while transistors amplifiers with bright velvet of really good tubes precursors.

Listening test: Karajan Otello as a milestone

The early recording of Otello by Karajan here represents a very critical milestone. 1961 the band the Decca engineers swept still vigorously, in the current CD version, the remastering engineers have surprisingly well down the noise, for the heights seem slightly dull. Depending on the amplifying electronics. First, we started a test run with a competing tube preamp. The result was pretty bulky, but not completely free of grease and inertia – Karajan Otello was chubby. Then, the change on the Grandinote stage – and the sky went on. There was the very fine handling of dynamic shades much air in the figure, this enormous. Karajan Otello was still like Grand Opera, but significantly better equipped with muscles. Alone as the voice of Mario del Monaco neared, swung open, cut in the dynamics of the boxes axis – were clear gains that were just as clearly on the account of the precursor. A magic box.

In the summary so far: The Proemio had the power of more precise figure, was bright, transparent – with all the advantages of good tube circuits, without harshness – silver velvet.

Benefited from just singing. Again we made one of our current favorite CDs: Sara k. sings live “horse I used to ride”. The recording of Stockfisch of records is a prime example, how much you can pack atmosphere and concrete music-making art in a silver disc. If the electronics involved. This requires above all tempo. The strings torn-up must appear plastic before the membranes, the voice will sound from the center of axis of the boxes. It is on the timing and the harmonic scale. Here the Proemio at world level played: you showed extremely fast without the flits to be. Each impulse was of course without show.

Stockfish has dared also to a superstar – Tony Christie sang in front of the microphones of because. A knighthood. Together with the Band Ranagri, Christie agreed to old Irish songs from the Emerald Isle. It has atmosphere, draught and a surprising presence on the speakers.

It depends on the internal balance of the electronics. Here played the Proemio in the highest class. That had as much analysis as heat in our test. Since the top of the recording team showed up, there flashed fine string play, there swung the quiet melancholy in the singing voice. An audiophile all around-happy experience.

That’s why instead of another words a number: 130 – we’re giving away so many points. Thus, there is the Proemio in the highest consecration of our leaderboard in the top regions of the reference class. With best wishes from a small village near Milan.


There’s a natural threshold: not everybody buys just a precursor to a little-known Italian manufacturer that wants to have nearly 9,000 euros for it. There is mistrust with timidity blends. None of this is appropriate, because this stage plays in the premier class of their design. Wonderfully subtle and airy it resolves, much is it significantly lighter than the competition. The circuit design is clever, the processing matching at its finest.