Guess Connect Smartwatch Review

Guess not want to miss the party of smartwatch and presents a new watch with certain “smart” capabilities

It is increasingly clear that the market smartwatch is not merely anecdotal niche, and proof of this is that many fashion companies that until now had remained outside the technology sector are beginning to mobilize to not miss pastel succulent part of the emerging market for smart watches seems. Do you remember that 4 months ago Guess announced in a letter to Tim Cook who work in their own smartwatch? Well, I have here.

CES 2015 has been the place chosen by the prestigious fashion house to present the Guess Connect, an iteration designed by Guess but actually adopts the technology of Martian Notifier a smartwatch that was introduced last year and incorporating a small screen OLED on the watch dial itself to read our notifications.

Thus, Guess has decided to give a facelift to face the Martian Notifier and result of this was born the line of smart watches Guess Connect. In terms of design, there is little to note for those who know the signature style: care for detail, emphasis on the use of metals and a palette of classic colors.

As for the technology that incorporates Guess Connect, we find a small monochrome OLED screen in the bottom of the dial that handles Text show the different notifications that we receive in our smartphone. In addition, to distinguish the different types of notifications or alerts that we received, users will be able to customize the vibration pattern.

Guess announces that intelligent functions smartwatch will be upgradable without having to purchase a new model

Within the Guess Connect also find a microphone that can pick up voice commands and speech dictation recording. This we can not interact with the clock, but will serve to control the intelligent assistant our phone, which can be Siri or Google Voice, because it has compatibility with both iOS and Android.

Finally, something at seems very interesting when choosing a wearable watch, is that the company has reported that users will be able to upgrade hardware or sensors smartwatch without having to purchase a new model. As for the latter, we do not yet have many details about the price at which updates would be moved, although some elements such as the OLED screen will be difficult to replace.

We will have five different styles of clock to choose from: Commander, Aviator, Aviator 12 Electra and Monarch. Unfortunately, we still do not approximate prices of the new Guess Connect, but surely they are above $ 400.