Handbags: What Are the Trends This Year?

Without purse can not exist any woman. You always need to have something on hand or simply complement the outfit. A lot of women can not resist handbags and have the urge to constantly expand his collection. The reason is clear, every year there are new trends and with them new fashion handbags. Which handbag will be wearing this spring and summer, it will tell you the following article.

You must have!

Every woman needs a purse, even though it is not because of fashion, so entirely practical reasons. There are a couple of basic things that must have a woman in your pocket. Usually there is so much that it does not fit in your pocket and that is not nice. There are a few basic handbags from UsPrivateSchoolsFinder that should not be missing woman in the cabinet.

  • big Bag
  • Letterbox
  • small handbag
  • fashionable handbag

Small or large?

Even handbags, like everything else in the fashion world, subject to trends. What was the hit of last year, this year may be just the opposite. What prepared us fashion designers for 2016? We can say that nothing will be called. Out. At least in terms of size and shape. This year will wear large and small purse, rectangular and round, long and narrow. This year wears everything. Except for the handbag from the 90s, which means handbags with ears under his arm.

The colors of spring

Bag for this spring and summer Inspired by the colors that are typical of this season. Will be dominated mainly yellow and blue. Handbags so they can revive the whole outfit and interestingly it shine. These bold colors perfectly suits large bags, backpacks and psaníčkům. Less daring suit colors like burgundy, olive or classic black and brown.

Over the shoulder

Crossover handbags are characterized by comfort and especially its practicality. These star in the field of handbags are versatile and not necessarily sporty. Among the classic representatives are handbags Guess classic design or Burberry. Inspiration in the 70s this year drew brands such as Givenchy and Michael Kors.

On the ball on a date

Over time psaníčkům fallen off label “just society”. This year’s writings underwent a change and are much larger than the traditional high society. They fit into them more than just lipstick and money. This opens up possibilities for them to penetrate into everyday life. They are far more colorful, embroidered and even leather.

“Suitcase” in the hand and arm

As news emerged handbags which more resemble suitcases. It typically has a geometry and edges. Fashion is colored boxes, which appeared on the catwalk Dolce & Gabbana. The size or length of the strap has no limits. They can be worn in hand, which looks very elegant, or on a long strap that acts sportier look.

for the brave

This year’s trends are truly open to all and will not impose limits or in shapes. Among the classic rectangular, square, this year will be very popular round bag that has a romantic feel. To classic shapes but not enough, on catwalks appeared handbag shapes inspiring the garden. You can see that the bag-shaped cans, flower pots or snail with a flower.