Hearthstone Gets Soft Android-Start [Update]

Blizzard’s popular online card game Hearthstone is starting to find its way to Android tablets, but only a few countries.

There should now be a free course for all Android tablets and not only those in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There is a requirement of at least 6 “screen, but who will be working on a version for smaller screens.

Original article:

There are lots of players of Blizzard’s Hearthstone all over the world, and there are even World Championships in the game. So far it has only been iPads that have could play the game when it comes to mobile devices, but now comes the Android tablets also.

In the first place, it is, however, only Australia, New Zealand and Canada, who can play the Hearthstone from an Android tablet. Blizzard has chosen a so-called soft launch.

The three countries will therefore be a sort of test rags before the game when the rest of the world’s mobile screens.

The game goes in brief out of that you get a deck of cards consisting of creatures and forces. Is it necessary to use them in the best possible way to get opponents ‘ life points to reach 0.

Blizzard has itself announced that the worldwide launch of Heathstone for Android tablets will begin in the coming days, without setting a specific date.