Here Are Selling Windows Phone Better Than iPhone

In seven countries has been sold more Windows Phone mobiles than iPhones, says Microsoft Chief.Here you can see which ones.

Android and iOS dominates the market for smartphones. Therefore sprang face it with many, as PR-Manager Frank Shaw Wednesday could recoup in a blog that Windows Phone phones are selling better than iPhones in seven countries.

But what are the seven countries is there to talk about?

The New York Times went to the source. That is to say, the market research firm IDC, which stands behind the numbers, Microsoft-referede to the head.

The answer to the question is that Windows Phone surpassed iPhone in the fourth quarter in Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa and Ukraine. The seventh “country” is actually a grouping of several smaller countries, which among other things count Croatia.

According to IDC doing Windows Phone best in those parts of the world, where Nokia has generally a good grip on the market.