Here is Nailart to Be Impeccable in Your Marathon Shopping

Are you ready to show off a little ‘color? Here is a simple nailart to realize … Two stylish shades reminiscent of the summer, some simple creative touch and you’re done!

E ‘summer and the prevailing mantra is: “color, color, color”.

Since we were very sober in clothing in sight to rob all the downtown shops, we decided to indulge ourselves on the nails.

A fairly simple nail art that gives us a touch of originality.


  • DEBORAH- base indurent
  • KIKO- Canary – Number 355
  • KIKO- orange – Number 280


  • Scissors
  • Scotch


  • We spread a transparent base.We used the base Deborah; It helps to harden the nail preventing come apart and dries quickly.
  • We spread an enamel we have chosen as the base color (but that will be less dominant color at the end) We used yellow for all the fingers except for the ring finger nail on which we used orange. Let it dry. But well. But well, well, well !!! (Requires otherwise using the scotch is a risk that the enamel remains attached.
  • Cut the thin strips of tape and apply it “cross” on the nail. Ours were little more than a millimeter.
  • We take the different enamel to that of our base and apply a hand being careful that it is all well covered because once removed the tape will be very complicated to go for touch-ups.
  • Wait a few minutes and then we remove small pieces of scotch being careful to “tear” gently to avoid that the edge is serrated throughout.
  • Last step, which is optional, apply a top coat to fix everything. We did not because it was not going to keep along this nail art style.

It ‘a nail art not too complicated but a bit long because you have to wait for the polish to dry completely between one step and another.


Enamel: KIKO Nail Lacquer – yellow and orange

Cost: € 3.90

Opacity: Good

Drying Time: Medium

Duration: two days after the tip of the nail is already discolored.

The problem arises when more overlapping layers. Great one-hand but the second it starts to become “sticky”.

TESTED FOR YOU: postponed to September

Our ideas to complete the outfit “Shopping with Friends”: