Honor, the Brand “Powered by Huawei,” Also Arrives in Physical Stores Unieuro

Honor, the brand “powered by Huawei”, also comes in physical stores. The device of Chinese society, in fact, as well as on the website vMall.eu and on Amazon, are now also available in the physical store chains Unieuro. The models currently for sale are 4 x Honor, Honor 6 and the new Honor 7. Available only online (in self pick) on the Mediaworld.

The brand Honor was investigated by Huawei to offer device of quality at a competitive price while avoiding the costs of distribution. However, the considerable growth of interest must have convinced the company to expand marketing to traditional sales channels where users can “touch” a device before you can buy.

Milan, 11 January 2016 -Honor, the smartphone’s e-commerce brand dedicated to digital natives, arrives in stores retailing of Unieuro.

Until a few days ago, products that Honor were only available online and on vMall, dedicated, interactive ecommerce platform of Honor and Huawei. But now, you can buy smartphones Honor even in the entire network of stores specializing in consumer electronics Circuit City.Products that Honor will also be available within the online portal of Unieuro.

The digital natives will be able to choose their favorite smartphone between these models:

  • Honor 6– the first high end smartphone of Honor which represented the first contact of the European public with the new brand.
  • Honor 4 x– the ultimate smartphone for gamers, a powerful 64-bit processor and a long battery life.
  • Honor 7– the last gem of line, high end smartphone features an incredible fingerprint reader. Sold out within a day of launch!

The company also appointed Zhang, formerly Operation Manager at Huawei, as an Account Manager Open Market of Honor for the Italian market in order to achieve the company’s strategic goals.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Italian team to Honor, to deliver a superior mobile internet experience to the digital natives of Italy. Our intent is to continue listening to the feedback from our customers and use it as a guide for the development of new products. This is why we have decided to allow them to experience first hand our products and thus have the opportunity to buy what they want with increased awareness. “

Honor is available in 74 countries and regions of the world, including UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Netherlands. Overseas shipments are growing up to 3 million units, for a total of 20 million during the first half of 2015, a prominent result compared to other Chinese brand mobile phone and internet.

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