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The 70-year wooden sandals back more irresistible than ever for the spring-summer 2014

In this spring-summer 2014 are back in vogue the beloved wooden clogs in the 70s: wooden footwear with a vamp that can be made ​​of leather or fabric. There are many brands that have made ​​completely dedicated to clogs with heels or low lines, all with attractive shapes that mix aspects of the new retro trend of the moment since the color tones as the Radiant Orchid, Color of the Year 2014.

Versatile and perfect with many outfits of the day, the clogs are well known to all lovers of shoes careful to seasonal trends for a hippie chic look.


This season we could call it “The King”, the king of the clogs, thanks to his collection which has about 40 different models from flats to high heels models from shades of pastel and neon, but there are neutral colors and animal print. The Flogg hooves are a perfect mix between comfort and glamor that brings to life the feelings of the 70s pumps (read http://www.historyaah.com/modern-vintage-pumps.html) and divas of the moment, who wanted to express themselves without limitations. It is hippie chic footwear inspired by the Californian lifestyle that can easily be worn on the beach and during the frantic disco nights. The founder of the brand, Carol de Leon, in creating them has combined the convenience of flip flops, from which he took the soft soles to support the arch, while the classical hooves took the base, thus creating three different models: Melanie, Forte and Cassie, Rexfort and Rainbow. The first is the base model, Forte and Cassie the mid heels and the latest models are the high heels for which chose to use only wood.

Jeffrey Campbell

How could they miss the hooves in the spring-summer collection 2014 of Jeffrey Campbell?Vertiginous models from the forms and eccentric prints all strictly open toe with strap and to give more comfort. But there are hints romantic and bon ton as floral prints. This time the hooves are also available in a lower version of the heel, always with plateau with leather upper, front fascia with braided strap and buckle.

Cafe Noir

They return in the spring-summer 2014 collection of Cafe Noir hooves, elegant shoes with ankle strap and plateau in neutral shades of white, beige and black. These clogs are perfect for a casual and easy chic look, gives also a retro feel thanks to the colors chosen.