How To Apply Mascara

Women know the importance of beautiful eyelashes – they are the symbol of coquetry par excellence. However, few support the weapons required for them to use. Sounds simple but the mask and the success of it is much more than its formula – able to even strengthen them – or the size of the brush.

Is there a trick? Yes, the application. The way of distributing the product from the root to the tip influences the result. If you want fabulous eyelashes, discover how to apply the mask in simple and easy steps. Remember, while most put these tips into practice, less time you will take in the future (and how much more RESTful, clean, hydrated and uniform is the skin of your skin, plus you will be the final result).

  1. Curls your lashes from root – remember to be very careful with this step, otherwise could break them. Be sure to curl all lashes for 10 seconds. A recommendation? MAC Cosmetics Full Eye Lash Curler.
  2. It uses the primers or balms from time to time because they work! These bases separate and condition lashes, avoiding lumps when applying mascara. Seeks those transparent or with light color and extras (which for example does Vaseline) benefits. Recommendation? Dior DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum & Prime.
  3. Whether you want your tabs to gain volume as if what you want is them look longer concentrates the greatest amount of mascara at the base of the eyelashes – without exaggerating too much – this will help to raise them. As an alternative, can do it with the tip of the brush vertically (the idea is to cover the root).
  4. Now yes, distributes the pestanina along each strand. The effect is to taste each one: If you move the brush horizontally your eyes will be more open and if move the applicator in vertical form your eyes look bigger.
  5. If you’re wearing mascara on the lower lashes can do two things: use time and patience in disguise them with your usual, separate mask the strands, or get a special for that zone and water-proof formulas. A recommendation? Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara with a minicepillo that is perfectly suited to the smaller hairs.
  6. For natural makeup apply one or, at most, two layers. If you’re on a night makeup and want to highlight your eyes without resorting to false eyelashes you can opt for three layers. Don’t dry them each other or get lumps.
  7. Comb your lashes. Dozens of women do not take it into account but comb through lashes to separate them, lifts and avoid that they look thick.
  8. Extra: is worth note that you must change your mascara every three months maximum because that is the time that can maintain in perfect condition (whenever you close it well and avoid that you between air inside so that the formula to dry inside the tube).

When you go to renew it take some time to read the formula because it varies greatly from each other. Do you have mineral oils such as oil? Parabens? A natural beginning that take care of them? Then, follow advice on