How to Buy a Trench Coat

Align the trench to your outfit

In order to wear your trench coat, you have two options: play on contrasts or play the game of the classic wardrobe with beautiful basics.

To play the contrasts, wear your trench coat tied at the front with a slightly worn jeans statement ankles, low sneakers and fine style “running” or Converse and a white t-shirt which will snub your sleeves. You can borrow the cardigan vest your man and come sublimate all a big collar and a beautiful lipstick. Feel free to dig into the locker room of your man, you will find outfits ideas!

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If you are ever classic mood, choose a wrap dress or a strict dress perfect for work.Put on your shoes coral color or printed and made you a pretty chignon banana a blur.

If you think the buns are hard to make and it is not for you, I suggest you read my article 5 Ways to Make a beautiful bun to make you change your mind. Put pretty beads ears and bet on a line of eyeliner so “cat eye” to come modernize this look.Wear your sunglasses, you and the femme fatale look.

What trench buy according to your budget

If you have a large budget:

I can only advise you to invest in quality for this timeless piece that you can wear from one year to another without any problems. You’ll understand, I think, trench synonymous with Burberry. But how s ‘there find in the famous brand?

Avoid category “Brit” too conventional and uninteresting subjects, and rather bet on the collection “London” for its colors and timeless quality of the cut.

Finally, if you have a little more budget and attention to detail, it is to the collection “Prorsum” more creative, he must direct you. Details crazy materials like leather or tweed, metal belts or embroidered or very pretty buttonholes make a trench fashion accessory.

If you have limited budget:

Stay home of British brands and bet on the Topshop brand to discover in London or online. What is good at jacket store, that they offered in all weathers and all seasons trench coats, you identify one that will be more just applying the advice seen just above.

You already have a trench coat? How do you wear yours? Finally, I want to remind that the trench coat is worn for any occasion. Perfect for going to work, it is too casual for the weekend or sophisticated nightlife. An essential sum of your wardrobe!