How to Choose a Down Jacket

The down jacket of insulation

Down is much more efficient than all synthetic insulation. It is warmer, lighter, more compressible, cozier and more breathable. However, it is more expensive and difficult to maintain.

The duvet is therefore preferred to reduce to the maximum and for extreme conditions without the weight.

Duvets (and construction of warm jackets ) are not equal all (far from it), here’s a little guide that allows to know the performance of a blanket.

To measure more technically the difference between down and synthetic:

The cuin is the measure of warmth / weight. More important this is more the jacket will be warm and light. The cuin can be tested according to the US standard (US) or EN (European). EN is more demanding than the US standard. A down 700 US 600 = EN .

To have an idea:

  • Less than 500 cu EN (or 600 US): Poor quality down
  • Between 600 and 700 (or 700 and 800 US): good down
  • Over 800 EN (or 900 US): Down very good.

The duvets are sometimes expressed as “850+”, it means that the down to minimal swelling to 850 cu.

For comparison the best synthetic duvets (which are often more expensive than poor quality fluff) reach 400 cu inflating.

Which of down jackets is hotter:

We all want to have a warm jacket, light and compressible, and with fashionable micro-jackets not easy to navigate, especially as the price difference is sometimes hallucinating.

That will depend on two major criteria:

The quality of the pen

As seen above plus a jacket or a CUIN FILL POWER and the higher the quality of the jacket is important

The amount of feather

And of course, it is necessary to have the amount of feathers in his jacket so that it does its insulation work.

Small tip calculation to help you

To compare several jackets between them, multiply: * Quality Quantity or in other words fill-Quantity

Sample down jackets known in the mensjacketsstore:

  • Ultra light down jacket with:

Cerium SL * ARC’TERYX (Weight of jacket: 185 GR): GR 850 fill-power 50 pen (size M) = 42,500

Ghost whisperer down HARDWEAR MOUNTAIN (Weight of jacket: 197 GR): GR 800 fill-power 75 pen (size?) = 60,000

We see that the jacket MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR is heavier but warmer because more pen

* + Coreloft in jacket

  • Referent jacket on the French market:

Microlight RAB (Weight of jacket: 370 GR): GR 750 fill-power 125 pen (size L) = 93 750

Down sweater PATAGONIA (Weight of jacket: 371 GR): 800-fill-power   86.18  GR pen (size?) = 68,944

Although the jacket has a lower RAB CUIN it remains warmer than the jacket Patagonia equal weight

With that you find the right balance warmth, weight and price when it is possible to have all the elements, because unfortunately some brands do not tell us